Grave Before Shave Beard Butter - TEQUILA LIMON

Grave Before Shave Beard Butter - TEQUILA LIMON

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Grave Before Shave Beard Butter 4 oz TEQUILA LIMON

This Beard Butter is easy to apply as a beard conditioner that deeply softens your Beard and skin.

Using only the best butters and oils available this butter contains NO beeswax providing less  drag when brushing to keep hair from pulling and minimizing damage to  your facial hair.

  • Large 4 oz Container
  • Choose from our 4 best selling Beard Butters
  • Only Finest Oils and butters used in all products.
  • Helps condition the skin underneath the beard aiding in itch relief and beard ruff.
  • No beeswax providing less drag when brushing


  1. Scoop out desired amount with your finger
  2. Dissolve balm by rubbing between hands
  3. Then apply to your beard with your palms and finger yokes
  4. Once desired amount is applied you can shape it with your comb, brush or even your hands.

Please note: Due to the properties of some of the natural ingredients used to make the Beard butter, butters my melt in transit. Open with caution, if melted you can leave the butter in freezer for a few hours to allow it to return to a solid state.

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