Green and Gold Matador Facemask (Suit of Lights)

Green and Gold Matador Facemask (Suit of Lights)

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This beautiful green and gold Matador facemask by the Spanish designer Emma Prieto is inspired by the Suit of Lights of the Spanish Matador Antonio Ferrera, in green satin with golden embroideries. Same material used in Matador Suits.

A very elegant and special facemask for special occasions. 

It consists of 3 layers, two of stretch (water-repellent fabric) and in the middle a layer of TNT fabric that acts as a filter.

It is washable and reusable, max. 50 washes.

The same size is valid for men and women. It comes with a nice gift box.

*Please understand that our face masks are non medical masks and are not a replacement for medical grade Personal Protective Equipment.

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